Commissioned art

BlueBrush09 (2015)

A piece of art I won from an Ask the Capricorn Crew follower giveaway.

S0LARDOG (2015)

A Christmas-themed icon from a few years back.

Pixel Art
Deagle (2015)

Pixelized Silvercloud!

Pixel Icon
Blitz (2015)

Part of a Halloween-themed icon commission.

Halloween Pixel Icon
Blitz (2015)

The other part of a Halloween-themed icon commission, with mummy wrappings.

Cuddles with Songbird
Equinox (2015)

Silvercloud giving Oscelot's pony OC Songbird a hug. She tall!

Reference Sheet Pose
NSFH (2014)

The pose from Silvercloud's reference sheet, all on its own here.

In Flight
Spain Fisher (2013)

What a dork.

CurioDraco (2012)

Silvercloud chilling on a cloud. Artwork done for a con badge.