Commissioned art

Ale Green (2018)

A headshot commission for avatar/icon use.

Christmas Card
CurioDraco (2015)

Custom Christmas card artwork featuring family, friends, and pets.

SecondLife Outfit
Hibbary (2010)

A commission of Alahmnat dressed in his typical SecondLife attire.

Cuddles with Oscelot
Wingedwolf (2009)

Alahmnat and Oscelot with more Zootopian-esque relative sizes.

Venigsun (2009)

A painterly headshot commission.

Con Sketch
Kashmere (2009)

A sketch commission from Kashmere at All Fur Fun 2009.

Personal/colored art

Christmas Chibi
LockworkOrange (2017)

Colored base by LockworkOrange.

Heart Icons
LockworkOrange (2018)

Icon base by LockworkOrange.